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"We just wanna make the world dance, forget about the price tag."

Oh, if only…

The production budget mentions voice-over costs. But how much are those costs? Well, that depends. Every production has its own text-volume, broadcast platform and period of usage. Just as there are many ways to voice a text, there are just as many rates. My voice-over rates are competitive and reasonable.

When you search the web, you will find different rates. Why is that? A voice-over that is brand new to the industry may cautiously work with lower rates, whereas an experienced voice-over may work with higher rates. If you choose to work with an agency, you might end up paying around 20% more.

And that attractively priced AI-voice? Sure. But then without passion, warmth, enthusiasm, tenderness, conviction, love, joy… well, anything human basically…


Whatever production or platform; I am at your service and here to help. When you hire me, you hire a professional voice-over that speaks fluent Dutch and English. Booking me, equals to booking a voice-over that helps you in terms of goals, creativity and, whenever possible, in budget. When you book me directly, you will experience a short and clear line of communication.


From my homestudio in Amsterdam, I will deliver any voice-over for your production. Whether it be urgent or highly urgent; I can deliver within 24 hours, quicker if needed. As a voice-over with a homestudio I have learned to be a self-directing voice-over.

Audio set-up:
✯ Microphone: Audio Technica AT2035 studio microphone

✯ Interface: Audient ID4 USB audio interface

✯ Software: Twisted Wave

✯ Delivery: clean edit & uncompressed wav-files


To give you an idea of my rates, here are the most common:

Corporate video/webvideo starting at €250,- ✯

Radiocommercial national starting at €600,- ✯

TV commercial national starting at €800,- ✯

* Recording in homestudio, including correction round for tone-of-voice.

** 12 month buy-out (usage) included

*** 21% VAT excluded

You provide me with the final text and a briefing for the tone-of-voice. We will thoroughly discuss the production beforehand. Should a require a different tone-of-voice, don’t worry. I will record it free of charge. Should there be text changes, then we’ll agree on a clear and fair surcharge.

I will gladly think along for your production and, if desired, I will compose an honest project price.
Discussing my rates is always an option.
Mail or call me for more information.