In fluently flowing English or dedicated, defined Dutch.


Wanted: an excellent, dynamic presenter. Alright, but what kind? Whether it be for television, online, a livestream or live on stage; every discipline requires its own style, focus, and energy. The thing is; an enthusiastic presenter on screen requires a different approach than an energetic live host. You need someone who is comfortable and confident in all fields. That just happens to be yours truly.

As your livestream moderator I am simultaneously your host, presenter, interviewer and time manager.

I’m comfortable giving energetic live presentations, creating friendly and approachable corporate videos but also doing hard-hitting investigative interviews. Being an all-round experienced media man, I am a versatile, reliable and professional presenter and host. That sounds quite comprehensive, doesn’t it? That's because it is.

Whether you’re looking for an English or Dutch presenter; in both cases I am the man for the job!


What is your goal, who is your audience and what does your production need in order to not only reach, but have an impact on your target audience? You are only credible as a presenter or host when you believe what you say and are convincing. With hundreds of presentations under my belt, I am a versatile presenter that dives deep into your message to get the most out of what you want to say. I can do this according to what works best -with enthusiasm, calm energy, or in a neutral manner.

Where one production might require a neutral storyteller that does not distract from the content, another might need a humorous touch, and yet another might demand quick and clever improvisation skills with an enthusiastic presenter that is able to adapt quickly, easily, and with confidence.

Are you using the latest digital possibilities? I’m nerdy and experienced enough to know what you need when you are shooting a production for virtual reality, immersive media, or when working with a green screen (I do my own stunts). I am thoroughly experienced and know how a presenter or actor needs to move within these techniques. That saves you time and energy, which leaves you to focus on the creative process.


Sometimes a production needs a little extra from the presenter or host and the role can be defined as an actor. Does your production need someone with an attitude, or is there a specific personality or role that needs to be played? I’m game. Bring it on!

Video actor


It goes without saying that every text must be written properly, when used as a presentation text. You know best what you want to tell, but I can help you to transform those words into a flowing, smooth, and compelling story, which helps you convey your message with even more impact. You can let me write the entire text or have me edit the one you’ve written. Whichever you choose; I will always make sure that your text is complete and correct and truly reflects the message that you want to share.


With wide-ranging professional experience in both English and Dutch productions, I can state with pride and joy that I love working internationally. My Indonesian-Dutch roots, as well as my international upbringing, make me suitable for a wide audience: Europe, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and North America – I was born to break borders.

It is with pride and joy that I can announce I have worked on international productions for ASM, Barry Callebaut, Unit 4, JLG Industries, Regal Rexnord and Vredestein among others.